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Since the onset of industrialization, we have been introduced with the many modern conveniences we have come to rely on. Unfortunately, this comes with a price, and the world is watching as pollution and the modern-day hustle and bustle is beginning to take its toll on the environment. When it comes to your pet, they deserve the benefit of a community aware of this problem, and Caledon is a great place for them to call home. With a population of 58,000, the citizens of the city collectively place high importance on keeping the community safe for both citizens and their pets.

So Much to Do

Unlike pets living in highly-urbanized areas, your pet has many more options than being cooped up in a stuffy apartment. Here in Caledon, you and your furry friend can enjoy the scenic countryside. Whether you enjoy hiking, swimming, fishing, or just spending time in the great outdoors, there is never a dull moment. Best of all, present day patterns still reflect upon the early settlement models, indicating we can expect the feeling of security the city offers to remain for many years to come.

Duty Calls

As much as many residents would be perfectly content never leaving the city limits, there are times when we must leave our pets at home and venture out into the world. No matter where it is you need to go, you will not be able to fully enjoy yourself unless you know your pet is taken care of to your level of satisfaction. Our staff has the experience to help your pet adapt and feel a sufficient level of comfort during the length of your absence.

Keeping Them Active

We understand that, like many pets raised in the Caledon area, yours is likely active and ready to live each day to its fullest. Unfortunately, there are boarding kennels out there that do the bare minimum. It is our goal to make your pet feel at home, and we have devised a number of daily activities to keep them active and happy. They will also have the chance to interact with other animals during their stay.

Enjoy Your Trip

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, you deserve to enjoy your trip. Our staff is here to meet with you far in advance so we have the chance to show you all the ways we will accommodate your pet, so call today and schedule an appointment.


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